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simple and effective ( smart wiring solutions for domestic and commercial buildings ) | ( patented low cost technology designed to reduce your energy costs ) | ( eradication of unintentional and unnecessary power usage to save you money )

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For [home] and commercial property owners seeking flexible and convenient [smart] control of their lights, appliances and other power operated devices, SANE is a supplier of cost effective control systems and user interfaces.
Unlike competitor systems, SANE electric provides the combination of affordability, convenience and extraordinary user flexibility, unique to SANE electric, all in one simple platform that can be added to at any time.

Domestic Houses

The economics of installing SANE electric show that it is a viable smart home solution for domestic properties both large and small. The flexibility that it provides homes owners is unmatched by any other system with many conveniences being unique. The cost of installation is remarkably low which positions the system to become the new norm.

Apartment Buildings

A busy lifestyle, apartment living and necessary conveniences go hand in hand. SANE electric is the economical solution that brings these together effortlessly. The term ‘fixed in concrete’ is no longer as fixed as the phrase means, giving tenants and owner flexibility in their electrical layout that they would not normally achieve with alternate solutions.

Commercial Buildings

The electrical requirement for commercial buildings is varied due to the type of building and the individual needs of the tenants. SANE electric is suitable for common and tenant areas alike where smart control of subsystems provides for the convenience needs of each individual tenant. Application design services are available on request.

Retail Outlets

The functionality that comes with the base SANE electric system is all you need for most retail outlet applications. For owners of leasing out premises, lighting and control of fixed appliances can be readily modified to suit new tenants often without the need of an electrician. If new points of service are required, then the electricians task is minimal.

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